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Linda HardieI completed a Bachelor's of Fine Art from Alfred University, NY in 1990. After graduation, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA and worked for The Manchester Craftsmen's Guild as a "Artist in Education" for several years. During this time, I continued to develop my own work and participated in gallery shows in the Pittsburgh area.

In 1994, I pursued a career in Computer Science and completed a Master’s of Science at Indiana University. I then moved to Newport News, Virginia where I worked at a Christopher Newport University for the Physics, Computer Science and Engineering department. I managed the department servers, labs, and taught undergraduate computer science courses. After working in the IT field for twenty years, I finally returned to the studio on a part-time basis. Last July, my family moved to Iowa and I made the decision to open my own studio as a full-time potter.

My work is primarily functional.  I start with classic forms which are then altered with textures.  These changes are sometimes slow and methodical and sometimes sudden and violent.  After each alteration, the piece is reshaped from the inside to regain its volume while retaining the texture.  My goal is to show how outside forces change the shape but these changes can add to the strength and beauty of the piece.