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We've Moved to Iowa!!!

We've moved to Iowa!!!

Two weeks ago we sold our house in Rochester, MN and purchased our new house in Ames, IA.  Our new house has a 2,000 sq. ft. shop that will be Hardie Clay Studio!  To make life even better, the sun sets over the corn field located behind the shop.  Life is good.

Even though I wanted my next post to be about Laney's butterfly vase (it turned out great) I felt it was worth breaking the timeline to let everyone know we are moving forward!

Now that we have an official location, I've applied for a Federal EIN (tax) number and now about to apply for an Iowa Sales Tax Permit.  Once I have everything in place, I can start selling my work online.

Ahhhh, I can't believe this is happening :-).

Coming soon will be more posts about Laney's butterfly, more on exploring cone 5-6 glazes (going well!) and starting to design the studio!  First up is WINDOWS.  Lots of windows.

For now, the good news is I have some really nice pots completed and they will be available for purchase SOON.