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My first day back

I was concerned about returning to the studio, especially throwing on the potters wheel. For years I had a recurring dream where I was sitting at a wheel with clay ready to go and I could not remember how to throw. I was always stuck either with centering the clay or completely unable to pull the clay up to create a form. Even worse, I could not feel the clay. Dreams are funny like that. Last November a Facebook friend posted about a local pot shop (no, not that kind of pot!!) where he was taking a wheel throwing class. This news came to me at the right time. I was ready to return and I had to debunk these dreams. I contacted the owner, gave her a quick background of "I once was a potter...", and asked if I could stop by. She quickly responded and said come on over! As soon as I walked into the shop I felt comfortable and felt a kinship to everyone in it. I introduced myself to Carey, the owner, and asked if I could just throw a pot. She gave me a hug and told me "Welcome home". She was spot on. I got a clump of clay, wedged it up quickly. Found a spare bucket for some water and Carey lent me a sponge. One of Carey's students was there, chatting away about making beads. Other times I would have loved to listen but not today. Just like before, clay gets my full attention. Some call it meditatitive. I don't know quite what it is but, when I'm working with clay, I can go away for a bit and all I'm aware of is the clay moving through my fingers, the hum of the motor, and all the wonderful shapes I'm watching on the wheel as the clay continues to transform until I stop spinning the wheel. What an incredible feeling it was to finally debunk the dreams and it was clear that I was ready to return.